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Bringing the outdoors, indoors. 

Hi, we are Jacquie and Joel a Newy based couple and the heart and soul behind Unrivalled. At Unrivalled our mantra is bringing the outdoors, indoors. There is nothing more beautiful than what nature has to offer which is why we use natural stone as our material of choice.  We want to bring you along on our journey, sharing our story through each piece found in every chapter. We have named each piece of furniture after special people in our life, combining the people that mean the most incorporated in our products.  Living in a world where mass production is rampant, we value the importance of creating products that are sustainable and can be enjoyed beyond one generation.  Bringing feelings of handmade nostalgia into your homes, we give you Unrivalled. 



Newcastle, NSW

Tel: 0466 210 024   

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